Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Earrings – The Canes Dangle from the Ears

This exercise was actually two-fold, if not more. I wanted to make 10mm polymer clay beads using my winter series of polymer clay canes. I was going to set them up for sale as earring pairs and just leave it at that until I actually finished the beads and held them in my hands. I knew as soon as I touched them that I wanted to create the earrings from them myself.

I had been working on getting the technique for wire-wrapping down and had yet to try the closed loop for bead attachment. In fact, I have been totally intimidated by the closed loop – no matter how many times I looked at the instructions, it just did not click with me. But, in order to create the earrings that I envisioned, I was going to need to close the loops and not work with a wrapped end.

I wanted to create dangling earrings using chain and knew I did not want to open the loops and then attach the wire wrapped beads. That did not stop me from creating a couple wire wrapped beads and assembling them that way. I did sit down and took out one of my many beading books and looked at the instructions over and over again. Any standard beading book will include instructions for wire wrapping and simple closed loops for your beads.

I did not get them all right, but I did get them to work the way I wanted them to, which allowed me to create 8 pairs of dangling chain earrings.

Here are the earrings using the winter cane series in 10mm bead format.

 ER-2012-004-4 ER-2012-004  ER-2012-004-3 ER-2012-001 ER-2012-001-2 ER-2012-001-3 ER-2012-002 ER-2012-002-2 ER-2012-002-3 ER-2012-003 ER-2012-003-2 ER-2012-003-3  ER-2012-005 ER-2012-005-2 ER-2012-005-3 ER-2012-006 ER-2012-006-2 ER-2012-006-3 ER-2012-007 ER-2012-007-2 ER-2012-007-3 ER-2012-008 ER-2012-008-2 ER-2012-008-3

What fun they were!

I will create some more 10mm for the earrings pairs that I originally started out to create. Hopefully, those will make it to the shop for sale, but I can make no promises. :)

Enjoy the beads, canes and earrings,

Julie and Blu

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