Saturday, February 26, 2011

Floral Canes and the Pillow Beads That They Create


Spring fever!

LB-2011-0017 LB-2011-0018 LB-2011-0019 LB-2011-0020

Enjoy :)

Julie and Blu

Monday, February 21, 2011


These simple bracelets are the most recent thing that I managed to get photo’d

The cane bracelet is done completely in my pink dove cane, while the cuff bracelet is an exercise in pretend lampwork. I was experimenting with both the ability to cover the cuff smoothly and then the addition of the left over clay pieces from caning. I got started on it and couldn’t stop until it was done. I didn’t have a plan going into that bracelet, so the end result was a surprise!

It’s actually not uncomfortable, it is sturdy like I planned and a bit on the outrageous side. I am sure that I can find a fun function to wear it at.

The pink bracelet is a bit heavy, but makes a great statement. I have several bracelet blanks like this that I plan on filling with both flowers and canework.

PinkBracelet4 PinkBracelet1 PinkBracelet2 PinkBracelet3 FlowerBangle6 FlowerBangl3 FlowerBangle1 FlowerBangle2 FlowerBangle4 FlowerBangle5


Julie and Blu