Saturday, January 14, 2012

Caramels, Beads, Polymer Clay Canes and Other Goodies

I love Caramel Nips; they are a smooth caramel hard candy that slowly melts in your mouth and is full of milky, sweet caramel and comes in a box of maybe 15 or 20 for about one dollar. I don’t have them very often, but when I do, they are a blissful moment of yum.

When I created these polymer clay beads, I did not notice the caramel color too much, but once I started my sanding and then glazing, they were the same smooth caramel goodness. The polymer clay lentil beads were so similar to the those candies that I wanted the beads to just glow with the caramel color.

My polymer clay cane flowers are all bright and colorful. I used all my own canes except one flower I happened to have in my stash of polymer clay goodies.

The little round beads are all 10mm beads and the small roundels are in the same yummy caramel color. I did one set of beads with my pale blue star flower on them and one set with the purple violet polymer clay cane.

The lentil beads will be great as bracelets and they are in two different sizes. The lentil beads with all the color flowers on them are 20mm in size and I created six of those and the other lentil beads are 15mm and I created eight of each of those sets.

I thought the lentil beads with the rose and pale green flowers on them would be perfect for a Victorian themed bracelet.

All of these wonderful beads are just waiting for the right project!


carmelbeads4 carmelbeads2 carmelbeads3


Julie and Blu

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