Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing with Petals – New Polymer Clay Raw Flower Canes for Spring

I get in a rut. I find a style that I like and I do not deviate from it when I am creating my flower canes. I really, really wanted to try some different things with my petals and colors for this batch of new canes.

This desire came from revisiting all my old flower canes that other artists had so skillfully done. I looked at my flowers and felt very defeated. Mine would never be so intricate or delicate.

So, I went looking for flower cane tutorials. There are many good ones out there on places like Etsy and Artfire, but none of them really were exciting me. I know, the thing that one has to do to get excited about anything is to throw all you know out and start fresh.

I decided to just try different ways to blend, cut and fold my blends. I added layers of color and then did it different the next time I created some.

I did not get a lot of new canes finished, but I did do some different things and by doing different things, I see some new petal ideas for my next batch.

Without further ado, here are the spring canes from Blue Morning Expressions.



My favorite are the navy blue flower canes and I used them in a new set of beads.


Not deterred by my feeble attempts at a better flower, I have more clay ready to go and my next flowers will be better.


Julie and Blu