Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Almost Forgot!

All the items at which include these and many other beads and canes are all 25% OFF for the next couple of day!

Pillow Beads with Appliqué Style Millefiori Canes

Had to try something a little different and this was out of the ordinary for me.




I ended up with over 150 new bead sets this month. My ad will be in the next Stringing Magazine and there will be an ad in both the Handmade special magazine coming up and I will have an ad in the Tucson Bead Show special edition. I thought I might should have a lot of new sets of beads ready to go.

I have a bunch of new ones to make that are not finished yet. I have to get myself in gear and create ten or fifteen new kaleidoscope canes for more pillow beads. I have too many things to do :)

Enjoy the beads!

Julie and Blu

Monday, October 18, 2010

Buckets of Beads!

Off on a bead kick! I have all these beautiful floral millefiori canes that were just begging to be used up so I could create LOTS more. I didn't even make a dent in my huge inventory of canes. The end result was a bucket of beads. Almost all of them are floral round beads with a side order of pillow beads and lentil beads.

I still have a lot of beads to create and will get them done and up as fast as I can, until then, enjoy the bead show. :)


LB-1010-VVV LB-1010-P LB-1010-SS LB-1010-LLL LB-1010-ZZZLB-1010-M

There were a total of 78 bead sets that are new in the month of October. The one kaleidoscope pillow beads shown here are a one of a kind. I created this kaleidoscope cane and this is the only set of beads from it.

The florals are all bright and shiny and I hope that you enjoy them.

All are available at

Have a GREAT evening, Julie and Blu

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My latest polymer clay rondelle beads as earrings

I have been working on new bead styles and I have been a purchaser of many different lampwork earring pairs from some of my favourite lampwork artists. I thought maybe I would add a new style and a new product to the line of beads that I work with.


These beads were so much fun to make that I got the whole family involved!

Blu is usually involved anyway but I got my hubby to break out the dremel and help me drill the centers. He is now in the process of building me a stand for the dremel and we went and bought some fine bits. These earrings are just the start of some great new sets! :)



Julie and Blu