Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30 New Canes

Ending all this March madness with a small batch of new canes.

I love it when I rediscover how much I LOVE polymer clay. Sometimes I just enjoy playing around and I do not get a lot of time to do that with a full time job that spills over into my other full time jobs. So when I do, I just go a little crazy :)

These canes are from my personal collection as well as the beads that accompany them.


PS! I vowed to post and update this blog as much as humanly possible this year!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Peacock Bead in Cab Form

I am working on this cab featuring one of my peacock feather decals and this is where I am at for the moment. I have a feeling that I am going to tear down and start over, but for now, it is decked out in iris ebeads and gold seeds.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New March Tab/Coin Beads

One can never have too many beads!

This latest stash is brand new and on my work bench now. Just waiting for me to decide if I am going to create from them or share them.

I just couldnt resist dragging out all my bright flower canes and doing a little bead making. These are a bit larger than I usually do when I do my coin beads but they are a great size for a lanyard, necklace, or bracelet. They might be too big for earrings, but some folks can get away with wearing bright bold earrings!

I can see a lot of projects from these bright beads!

Enjoy them :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jewelry Up For Sale

All three of these pieces have now been added to my website for sale.
I had been holding onto them for the last couple of months waiting to see what I was going to enter into the BeadStar contest and now that I have made that decision, I have put these up for sale.

You can find them in the women's section of www.bluemorningexpressions.com

The Green Kaledioscope Has a New Home

This pretty little Christmas cane was sold right off the bat and is going to go to a good home :)

I got one set of pillow beads out of this!

Bright Pink Flowers for a Special Order

New Pink Flowers!

I had a request for a special order of pink flowers this weekend and here is the result of that request.

These are created in sculpey III hot pink.

I was having a heck of a time with the photos this morning and could not exactly capture the white and the hot pinkness of them. (I am sure pinkness is not a word!) So, they appear a little duller than they really are - or maybe it is my monitor.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Kaleidoscopes

Two kaleidoscope canes that were created this morning!

I have too many raw canes laying around! I had some flowers that did not quite make the grade for canes that I would put up for purchase, so I had thrown them in a bin that I use for cane pieces and components for canes. Today, I was looking for something else and I started digging around in the bin and taking these pieces out. When I found what I was looking for, I had this huge pile of abandoned flowers, leaves, stripes, and spirals. I sorted them into two colours and started to assemble them as kaleidoscope canes.

Obviously, the one is left over Christmas bead components which gave me a new cane for my 2010 Christmas beads and the other one reminded me of a quilt once I combined all the little flowers and solid pieces.

Both of these will find themselves on new sets of beads over the next few days as I clear out old canes and create new ones.

New beads from kaleidoscope canes that will be in my store soon:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty Little Butterfly

This pretty little butterfly has been waiting to be created for awhile now. I did the orange blend months ago and have been moving it around on my desk for at least that long. I took the day off from work and this is one of the goodies that I completed. Along with 7 sets of new beads!

Wait for photos on those. :)

The biggie today was my first time use of the Makin Clay Professional extruder. If you do not have this beauty, please do yourself a HUGE favour and grab this for your tool chest. As a former user of a Kemper plunger with a modified handle from a caulking gun, this little darling was like pushing butter through a grater. It was smooth as silk and so easy on my carpal tunnel.

It also is much bigger than the little Kempers.

I had been trying to buy it locally since the first time I laid eyes on it online. After about a year of not being able to find it, I finally saw it on Etsy. Sarahb4 had one extruder which I snatched up as soon as I saw it. There are a couple of them currently on ebay but I don't know the sellers so I can't vouch for them.

I will get my photos of my beads done and I want to create a ton of new floral tabs and rounds. I have sold almost all of my stock and I need to create or go crazy! I also have taken all my kaleidoscope canes and am creating pillow beads from them. I had four canes left over from a holiday project and I want to get them created and finished up.

I am on a creative kick!