Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tab Beads

I got a little carried away with my bead making this month!!

My latest venture has been into tab beads. I was working on creating some plain white tabs for my waterslide decals using some cernit and as I was playing around with shapes and sizes, it occured to me that I could take my regular round floral beads and transform them into tab beads.

Here are some of the results of that particular activity.

These are the perfect size for a complete bracelet with a enough room to tuck a watch face into it. Of course, it gave me pause to jot down a note to develop watch bead kits!

These are a bit larger and would be great on necklaces or lanyards.

Individually, they could become a pendant or a cell phone bead.

The smaller ones are the right size for a pair of funky earrings.

I am enjoying creating these and my work station is now covered with my floral canes and leaves so that I can create a ton of these.

Watch for so much more!!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Watch For new Coin Beads!

I have been continuing on my creative bent and have been working with my floral canes to create tab beads. These fun little beads are perfect for bracelets, watches and cool necklaces!

I did 5 new sets that are busy drying now and I will post the photos as soon as I can get the photos shot.

Neat beads! I will be doing a lot of these as I work to clean out my stash of floral canes next!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Polymer Clay Beads added to BME

I just finished creating over 65 sets of new polymer clay beads.

I have been meaning to get to my stash of kaleidoscope canes for a very long time and suddenly just decided that I was going to use up this massive amount of clay that I have been stashing.

These beads took me all week to work on - a little at a time when I would get home at night from work at the newspaper.

I still have 5 HUGE canes left and 4 of my smaller kaleidoscopes that I want to use. I did this so I could make more :) I had run out of room!!

So, the beads are done, they are for sale on Blue Morning Expressions and here is a preview.

The cane work was done for the most part of CAG designs, another young lady and myself.

Head over to www.bluemorningexpressions.com - these are all on sale for our 5th anniversary.