Monday, February 23, 2009

Kaleidoscope Cane for 2-23

My latest Kaleidoscope cane in the making!

I wanted to do something colourful and not flowers for the moment and I had some extra bits and pieces of clay laying around on my work station so I just started rolling jellyrolls and some stripes and then some more jellyrolls and then I did a skinner blend of blue and white and then I added some more jellyrolls.

One of the really cool things about doing these types of canes is you just never know what you will get and I was pleasantly surprised when I started piecing it together and saw the way the colours worked together. I had my misgivings as I was smashing them all in but when it came out, I was reminded of first a gold and blue macaw (kind of like feathers in there) but then it struck me that this was the same colour as a parrot fish of the salt water persuasion.

Both of these things are entertaining to the eyes.

I still need to go back and lay the pieces out neater and sharpen the edges on it but I wanted to let it rest and take the photos.

If you hadnt noticed, my favourite workstation is on top of a piece of acrylic that you buy in the hardware store. It is an 8x10 clear with the blue plastic still on the bottom. It makes a great even surface and it withstands my abuse and wont break and cut me like my last piece of glass did.

Can't wait to go and use up some more of my scrap clay!

PS - this is a complete Fimo Cane in case you wanted to know and it is about 3 inches long and 2 inches in the face.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21, 09

Only one offering off the workbench today.

I did a simple red and yellow blended flower. I didn't have any red flowers so I thought I needed to add one to my collection. Enjoy it. It is available for purchase on my etsy site, my bonanzle site and one in ebay.

I spent my morning translated my old artwork into xstitch patterns for my new site which is up and wobbly!

Enjoy the cane!
Julie and Blu

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19, 09 Canes

Here are the latest canes that I have completed. I just LOVE the orange flower cane and took a very large chunk of that one for my own personal collection of caning pieces.

I also am showing the small tiny flower cane that I accidently over packed. It will do well in a cluster to create a floral border of some sort.

Following that are two focal beads that both are adorned with the latest batch of floral canes and leaves. I try and use all my clay up in some fashion or another.

I have more raw clay sitting on my work table just BEGGING to become canes, I will post them as I finish them :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canes for February 17th

I sat down this weekend and decided to put together a couple new canes. I have been working on putting my seed bead loom patterns into book format and I have neglected my caning and bead work.

I decided to do a couple kaleidoscope canes and some more flowers since my flowers are selling like crazy and I wanted to have some more options for folks. I sat down and created a couple sets of beads; pillows, rounds with white chryssie canes on them, two floral focals with my pink, purple and orange flower canes, and a set of cane small slices for lanyards and the likes. In the meantime, I was trying to decide what colours I wanted to use for my new kaleidoscopes.

It was cool and it was raining so I went for more of the bright colours and ended up with what could only be described as CIRCUS!

This bright coloured cane will end up in ebay in about 5 minutes but for now it is strutting it's stuff here.

I also did a mini flower cane that I havent taken a photo of yet. It started out like my other flowers but I added one slight layer too much transluscent on the outside and it was a little bit thick. I decided to reduce it down to almost pencil eraser size and will bunch them with leaves for a bouquet look.

I will get those up here too.

I have more canes coming.
Thanks for reading,