Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter’s Morning

Yesterday, big heavy and wet snow fell from the afternoon until evening, blanketing me in almost a foot of soft white snow. Branches bent under the weight and the white made the night bright and crisp.

This morning, I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise on the snow. The blues, greys, browns and pale oranges began to shed light over the fields and because this was a treat for my eyes, I grabbed my camera and tried to capture the colors.

The mountains lit up with the morning sunlight and because it was still a little bit warm, I took a lot of photos.

WinterMorning1   DSC_0498


The colors were the inspiration for pale pastel palette that I selected for today’s flower canes and geometric blocks.

I have not wrapped them in translucent yet, but I used all custom colors for these polymer clay raw canes.

They are sitting on my messy workbench :)



Have a great winter morning.

Julie and Blu

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