Monday, November 28, 2011

A Winter’s Morning Polymer Clay Pillow Beads


You have seen the raw clay, you have seen the raw canes and now, see the finished beads.

I did three sets of polymer clay pillow beads – they are approximately one inch in size and have been created from complimentary golden clay as a base and some beads have a baby blue inlay. The entire three sets have been adorned with slices from my Winter Morning flower canes, as well as my geometric clay cane as an accent. Each bead has been hand drilled and then hand sanded when they were done baking. I hand sanded up to 1000 grit wet dry sandpaper.

I put a light glaze on these beads using Minwax Waterbased polyurethane gloss; just enough to give them a shiny surface.

I haven’t decided yet whether I am going to sell them as sets or individually this time. I think they are pretty enough to make a nice focal bead in earthy tones and can be wrapped in warm copper or shiny silver. Even gold would look good on these beads. I might do one in each!

Either way they are wrapped or strung, they will make a great set of beads for someone who wants to make a unique necklace or bracelet. There are enough beads to create a whole set of jewelry, including polymer clay earrings. String them with your favorite spacers or Czech glass beads for a bright holiday piece.

Enjoy the beads:


Julie and Blu


Almost Precious said...

How I wish I had found these sooner. They are gorgeous !!!
Love your Artfire shop and have placed some beads into my Amazon wish list so I can return to your site when I have the time to "shop". :)

Julie L. Cleveland said...

Thank you so much!