Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Polymer Clay Flower Canes for November 2011

New canes!

I have been so busy doing so many silly things that I have gotten zero clay work done, so, I made it a point to take a lot of my extra clay pieces that I have had sitting here and make flowers. I ran into some problems with sticky clay when I started working on my kaleidoscope canes, so I went with flowers, they were not annoying me. :)

I have a half a dozen kaleidoscope cane designs created and I am determined to get them done, but I have to leach my clay and that requires me to know what the heck colors I am going to work with first. This is more trouble than I want to get into right now, so they are sitting in my design book and not on my work bench.

Here are the raw polymer clay flower canes that I just finished. I really like the pinwheel flower cane that was a very happy accident.

PCC-2011-1010 PCC-2011-1001 PCC-2011-1002 PCC-2011-1003 PCC-2011-1004 PCC-2011-1005 PCC-2011-1006 PCC-2011-1007 PCC-2011-1008 PCC-2011-1009

In addition to these canes, I created another 50 flower canes using my standard patterns of orange and yellow flowers, as well as blue and purple. I wanted to do some different flowers, so I am working on creating new patterns and experimenting with different cane shapes.

Look for new canes soon!

These canes are available in all of my stores now.

Most of these canes are extremely limited and I will not be repeating them as they were custom colors, but I did like the styles, so those will be repeated in the future.

Have fun with flowers!

Julie and Blu

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Melobeau said...

OMG Julie, Your canes are gorgeous! I especially like the blue floral one. I am in awe.
Anita in AZ
(aka Melobeau at MelodyODesigns)