Friday, April 8, 2011

Happiness is a box of flowers!

Polymer clay canes have a way of both multiplying and scampering off to far away corners of a drawer somewhere. There they get forgotten, overlooked, a bit mangled or abandoned. For awhile now, my boxes of flowers have been conveniently sitting under my desk, where I prop my feet up on them, drop my blade on them, drop my clay on them, and many times, drop all my beads on them. But, I knew where they were if I got the time to create more beads.

In perusing ebay and etsy, I see people selling beautiful floral canes and I admire them and favorite them, and ooo and ah over them. Occasionally, I will buy some canes from a few of my favorite cane artists. I see the destashers and the other day I saw someone selling off this huge pile of flowers, butterflies and odds and ends. I recognized some of my favorite artists in the mix and decided to bid on the lot. I drove the bid up and set my timer to go into a bidding war over my favorite flowers and butterflies. Well, I promptly forgot about it and when I saw it again, there was no more bidding on them and I would have gone a lot more than what I did.

The whole idea of destashing canes made me think of my boxes under my desk. She had admitted to not taking very good care of her canes and that they might have some bits and pieces of other clay on them and that she was sorry. I thought about my canes and how they were tossed in the boxes, totally uncared for and unwrapped. How they were unfinished – the ends were still on them and they were still in the “creation” stage. I would just slice off a couple pieces and toss the rest in the box.  I was bad.

So, in shame, I decided that I should not spend hundreds of dollars on new canes, no matter how much I coveted them, but I should take care of the ones that I had. I dumped both boxes out and began the long daunting task of trimming, rolling and wrapping all my flower canes. I spent over 12 hours cleaning them up. And the funny thing was, once I finished that, I only had ONE box of flowers!

Other than a Tami Shavat cane, all the canes are mine. I left the photo large so you could see everything up close.


Once I did all this, I realized that I was in need of a lot more flowers!

Time to get busy.

For the last three days, I have worked on florals canes and kaleidoscope canes. I learned my lesson about taking care of these right away and created another box full of flowers.  Again, I left the photo large so you could see the details.


The large round thing in the corner is one of the largest kaleidoscope canes I have ever done. It got a little out of hand!  Literally!


I don’t know what I am going to do with all these canes but apparently I have no self control and clay needs to be rolled, slapped and banged on the table, which was exactly how I managed to get this large cane together.

Enjoy the canes.

Julie and Blu

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