Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Backgroundless Canes

I am trying my hand at the backgroundless canes using the play-doh as seen on
Backgroundless Canes by Idit Zoota.

I needed a boatload of little 10mm flowers that I could cut for small beads and this is perfect for that.

I had to go out and buy play-doh and should have shopped price before I picked it up at Jo-Anns when I got my micro crimper today. I paid too much for it and used my 40% off coupon and still paid too much. It's less than 2 bucks at Walmart and I paid 3 bucks WITH the discount.

But I digress.

The smell of play-doh will take you back to your childhood, but the real shock is the difference in consistency when you switch from building the flower cane to actually wrapping the flower in a sheet of play-doh. My first instinct was to condition it! It is so smooshy and soft that I thought maybe it needed to be leached!

Anyway, the little flowers are in the oven now and when I get the rods out, I will shoot a photo of them and see how that turned out!

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