Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Early Christmas Gifts!

A few weeks back, I was sitting at my kitchen table staring out over the top of my laptop. From my kitchen table, I can see out into my backyard through the sliding glass windows.  (I actually can sit and watch the shuttle launches from that vantage point)

I noticed this huge cat in my backyard, it took the brain a few moments to realize that it was a Florida Panther come to visit. I was so astonished that the only thing I could think of was to hiss/whisper to my husband, “Bill, come quick and see the cougar.” 

We watched it walk across the yard and then hop over the 5 foot fence into the neighbors yard. I regret that I didn't get a photo of this beautiful animal while he was here.

But this weekend, I looked up and these two characters were prowling around the backyard so I was sure to get their photo! I followed them around until they climbed a tree and I snapped their cute little faces staring at me through the oak leaves. They were juvenile rocky racs out for a Sunday stroll and they made me smile.



New beads – I have been experimenting with a few new bead shapes and will share those as soon as I get them finished. I did complete a couple new bracelets and will also post those as I get the photos done.

In the meantime – here are new beads:  

LB-1110-0021LB-1110-0012 LB-1110-0015


Julie and Blu

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