Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Beads

A little bit of Holiday cheer and with Christmas right around the corner, I put together a nice holiday kaleidoscope cane which I promptly sliced up to create the latest pillow beads for sale.

The hardest part was capturing the metallic shine and shimmer of these beads. The green is pearl green, the red is pearl red and the gold is, well, gold. I worked completely in premo! this time around and the cane is not a very large one. I should be able to get a couple more sets of these pretty beads out of it before I have exhausted it. The off slices made a nice set of lentils as well. I think I will make a few more of those as well.

LB-1110-0019 LB-1110-0018

I have added a dozen more floral rounds and a few tab beads. I haven’t quite geared up my bead making yet. There have been a lot of other personal issues going on right now that have taken time.

LB-1110-0002 LB-1110-0008 LB-1110-0011 LB-1110-0012 LB-1110-0015 LB-1110-0016

The poinsettia beads are one of a kind and I will not repeat them. I happened to be fiddling around with some extra red pearl that I had left from my skinner blend and added some gold veins and put a yellow and brown bullseye cane in the center and “voila!” poinsettia beads!  :) They are amazingly lightweight and they will make a great necklace bracelet combination.  Add some extra red and green beads, some glass green leaves and you are ready for the holidays.

Here are my latest focal beads, they feature the latest waterslide decals that I have. They are on pearl, which is for my use only. They are sold on white beads.

These will become 6 new necklaces with blue and white beads and red and green beads.


That’s all for this week.

Stay warm and toasty, we are chilly in Florida and we are planning a move to Montana in the next couple of months, so I am appreciating the warm weather now.

All beads and finished jewelry are on sale at – take 25% off all items.

Have a great weekend,

Julie and Blu

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