Sunday, March 25, 2012

Revisiting Beloved Canes

Time goes by too fast.
Evidently, many years ago, I bought a lot of canes from some very talented cane artists. Cat Therien, being one of them, as well as Candace Mathewson. I never got around to using all these canes, so they have been sitting in a sealed container being shuffled about the house, and then, between states.
Now, I have the time and have grabbed a couple minutes to create some more beads, I thought, I really need to see what is in this box that I guard like the crown jewels. I was so excited when I opened it back up and took them all out and lined them up. They were still in their own wrappers and some were even still in bubblewrap. I made beads. I only got five set done yesterday, but I have seven more lined up to go and will work on those tomorrow.
Without further ado, here are the newest beads. See if you can recognize your favorite cane artist’s canes in these beads. Some of these canes have been gone from their stores a long time.
LB-2012-018-1 LB-2012-014-1 LB-2012-015-1 LB-2012-016-1 LB-2012-017-1
Now that my love affair with my beads and my stash of canes has been renewed, I think I will be creating many more beads in the near future.
Julie and Blu

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pcagoe said...

I think I recognize one of my canes that I made a few years ago. Surprised it is still any good. Beautiful beads.
Angela @