Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pillow Beads from Kaleidoscope Cane Remnants

The canes that were created from Margie Deeb’s beautiful book are still sitting in a coveted state in my cane drawer – yes, I have a cane drawer :)

However, the scraps and end pieces which I thought were too pretty to toss into my cane end bucket – yes, I have one of those too – I scrambled together and created some of the following pillow beads.

I also took all the left over bullseye canes, filler canes, jellyroll canes and odds and ends and created another kaleidoscope cane which I found most appealing! All of the canes created in this colour exercise were compatible enough that they made a happy accident, which most of my caning is!

Here are the results of those left over canes along with a few other goodies.

Now, I have lots of new canes to create – flowers are blooming all over my workbench!

Julie and Blu

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