Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some September Beads!


I tried a new style. I originally intended to create small 13mm beads for earrings, but I think I got a little carried away in the squishing! I have not tried them out yet in a set but I think they might be a bit bigger than I had planned.


Riverside_Cafe 013

I also created several sets of lentils using my flowers and such for a change.

LB-0910-O LB-0910-Q

I have so many bits and pieces of flower canes strewn all over my work space that I can’t hardly move, so my next project is to use up every bit of the flowers that are scattered all over so I can start on entirely new sets of canes!

I put these up for sale in BME under the floral rounds and lentils sections.


Julie and Blu

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