Monday, June 14, 2010

Pink Pearls

Pink Pearls and turqouise cane flowers.

I have been wanting to create a bracelet something like this for awhile now. I wanted to try my hand at building a peyote woven base bracelet and then embellishing it with my cane beads. Well, I didnt know how many beads I was suppose to have to start with so the canes just kept coming and I ended up with a large aspirin bottle FULL to the rim with little turquoise beads and spiral fillers. I drilled them after the fact so they are center drilled and then sewn onto the peyote base.

I created the base to be 6 beads wide (6 ebeads) and it is about 6 inches long. I made the clasp too long to start with and so I had to redo it. I still am not happy with it, so there is a good possiblity it will become a toggle clasp at some point.

I have so many little beads left that I am sure that they will find their way into another bracelet!

The pink pearls seemed like a great added touch!

Have a great night!

PS - I have some fantastic new lentil beads to share with you as soon as I finish sanding them and creating earrings out of them!

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