Friday, May 21, 2010

The Latest Kaleidoscope Cane Beads

Premo! was on sale at Michael's last week and I couldn't resist buying as much as I could carry. And of course, to make room for my latest stash, I had to clear out some of my older clay so it was cane extravaganza!

Well, maybe not really an extravaganza, but it was one cane and one left over clay cane.

I did the above orange kaleidoscope as the main cane but I had all this red/orange blend that I didnt really have enough to make anything out of, so I kind of wadded it up and then tried another skinner blend on it. It became a flower that I fielded in white and outlined in red and black. I fiddled around with it until I had a handful of canes and then added a couple black/white spirals and the top cane was born. It was enough to roll out and slice to make the double sided padded pillow round beads. I didnt much care for the edges, so I popped black/white jelly rolls all around it. I got enough beads to create a necklace, a bracelet and two smaller ones for earrings.

Not too bad from the scraps and bits and pieces.

I am working on doing some colour schemes and will post what I come up with when I am done!

Now, I am off on vacation for a week :)
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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