Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Beads from March Canes :)

Taxes are over and I am in the mood to create more beads and canes!

I have only one kaleidoscope cane left and it is defiantely time to make more.

I have been busy doing other beading lately and finished a large beaded project using a beautiful lampwork bead that I purchased quite some time ago. I had reworked it to death to get it to where I finally wanted it.

I now have taken out all of my other couple dozen lampwork focals and am working on those to follow suit. I also have completed my blank beads which I am putting my waterslides on and now I have a whole new huge set of focals! :)

I will post photos as the new canes emerge from my new clay bin!

Check out the blanks!

Have a great weekend, Julie

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