Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Canework

Some fun with new canes!

First off, the lovely tiger cane was purchased and not one of my creations, HOWEVER, the beads that were created from it are mine. I designed the beads with a necklace in mind but the necklace that you see here, is not the necklace I saw in my head. It happens that way sometimes and that is the fun part about creating. A lot of times, I will think through a design for weeks - doing sketches and puzzling out things in my head while I try and decide how best to showcase the beads that I am momentarily in love with. Then I sit down and start to let them speak to me. I don't always know what additional components will be involved and I certainly didn't see the red tiger eye nor the Swarovski flowers even after I started to wire wrap my pieces.

Just let things happen!

The little plumeria cane was an experimental project that is now more round than it was when I did this first slice and photo. I also experimented with doing a more subtle Skinner blend. This one was 85% white, 10% yellow and 5% slender band of orange in the corner of my clay layout. This gave me the slight orange center for my petal and a very subtle yellow blend to white like the traditional plumeria has. I will work on this cane a bit more and work up some beads using it.

I purchased a darling little face from a talented cane maker in Israel that I am going to use for an additional piece for the Beadstar contest. She can be reached at her etsy shop She has some adorable face canes and the one I purchased came quickly and very well packed. She was a pleasure to do business with. Tell her that I sent you.

I am taking a day off from work to have my own personal clay day with canes being formost on my list of things to do. I have almost exhausted my stash of kaleidoscope canes and I am looking forward to creating some new designs. Hopefully I will have those up here soon!

Keep warm, stay safe and enjoy bonnydesign's shop!


Almost Precious said...

Wow, I adore the necklace set you created with the tiger cane beads. It has such a rich, primitive quality to it, think it would make any girl feel like a tigress. =D

Julie L. Cleveland said...

Thank you!