Sunday, June 7, 2009

Latest Thimbles and Cuff bracelet

Only 4 of these canes. One is on etsy and 3 are on
I will not be repeating this particular pattern and currently ALL my raw canes are on sale on BME. They are 40% off.

My latest thimble and cuff bracelet projects which include my original polymer clay canes.
The bracelet is from my mokume gane cane which for some reason has fascinated me with it's muted shades and the more neutral tones that are scattered in it. This bracelet is my own personal one - the bracelet is part of a set of beads that include my DIY pierced earrings and my pillow beads for necklaces. I did manage to get an extremely smooth and soft finish to this - I just over stuffed the bracelet due to the nature of the cane. I wanted a lot of depth to it and in order to achieve that, I needed to over layer the cane slices.

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