Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canes for February 17th

I sat down this weekend and decided to put together a couple new canes. I have been working on putting my seed bead loom patterns into book format and I have neglected my caning and bead work.

I decided to do a couple kaleidoscope canes and some more flowers since my flowers are selling like crazy and I wanted to have some more options for folks. I sat down and created a couple sets of beads; pillows, rounds with white chryssie canes on them, two floral focals with my pink, purple and orange flower canes, and a set of cane small slices for lanyards and the likes. In the meantime, I was trying to decide what colours I wanted to use for my new kaleidoscopes.

It was cool and it was raining so I went for more of the bright colours and ended up with what could only be described as CIRCUS!

This bright coloured cane will end up in ebay in about 5 minutes but for now it is strutting it's stuff here.

I also did a mini flower cane that I havent taken a photo of yet. It started out like my other flowers but I added one slight layer too much transluscent on the outside and it was a little bit thick. I decided to reduce it down to almost pencil eraser size and will bunch them with leaves for a bouquet look.

I will get those up here too.

I have more canes coming.
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