Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kaleidoscope Canes in 09

Happy New Year!

I am a bit behind these days with working on sites and doing a lot of cane work and beadwork. I have a handful of new canes that I want to share. Many of the kaleidoscope canes were done as part of a bead project that I was commissioned to do for a woman in NC. She purchased 1500 individual beads and 150 of them had different kaleidoscope designs on them.

This primary color one is a simple cane that I did for something entirely different and was not part of the bead commission.

The cab at the top shows the two flower canes being used. The small purple flower has been reduced down considerably and bunched for filler flowers. The original cane is the same size as the yellow flower.

I did over 2 dozen tube beads as well.
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