Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Morning Canes – Now Complete and Ready for Sale

It took me all day to wrap these canes with fimo classic translucent and reduce them. I ended up with over 85 canes at two inches apiece. I kept a few of them for myself and one of the Klimt canes that I did in the same color theme. I want to create a few sets of polymer clay beads and I think I will use all these flower canes.

They are all for sale and have been loaded up in my Artfire store and www.bluemorningexpressions.com – both sites are running a 35% off sale on all my canes.

Here are the new flowers – enjoy them!


 PCC-2011-1011 PCC-2011-1012 PCC-2011-1012-cu PCC-2011-1013 PCC-2011-1013-cu PCC-2011-1014 PCC-2011-1014-cu PCC-2011-1015 PCC-2011-1015-cu PCC-2011-1016 PCC-2011-1016-cu PCC-2011-1017 PCC-2011-1017-cu PCC-2011-1018 PCC-2011-1018-cu PCC-2011-1019 PCC-2011-1019-cu PCC-2011-1020 PCC-2011-1020-cu PCC-2011-1021 PCC-2011-1021-cu


Enjoy a winter morning :)

Julie and Blu

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Christie Cottage said...

Those are cool!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!