Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Blu Print: Building the Bangle – Part Two

I am sharing this blog post because it features my polymer clay canes.

The Blu Print: Building the Bangle – Part Two: The last post showed the roughly formed and shaped bangle bracelet blanks using my old worn out scrap clay. After all the sanding and formin...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crazy Daisy Striped Cane



I was fiddling with stripes and patchwork and decided to add stripes into some of my flowers. Here is a quickie tutorial for creating a striped cane.

Dsc_0009 Dsc_0001

Take any blend for your petal – for this one, I used a pale coral to a dark coral with a stripe of white within. It was a bit of an experiment that went sideways. :)

Slice the cane into parts from the top down.

Select a contrasting color for your stripes and outer wrap.

Lay each piece of the sliced cane down on the contrast and cut the piece to fit, so you have a filler between each slice of the cane.  I set the thickness on my contrast sheet fairly thin since you want to create thin stripes for your finished cane after you reduce it down.



After you have put the cane back together and firmed it up, cut  diagonally from the other stripes to add your checker board. Repeat the step where you lay the slices on the contrasting clay.

  Dsc_0004 Dsc_0005

After you have all the slices back together, add a thin wrap around the petal with the remaining contrasting clay.


I rolled this out 12 inches and cut the petals into two inch segments for a six petal flower.


I reassembled the cane with a spiral white and matching contrasting center.


Here is an example of my cane in a teal blue flower.


Have fun!

Julie and Blu

Tutorial property of Blue Morning Expressions ©2013 jcleveland